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Welcome back Virtuosos! You spend all week praying for the weekend. Then all weekend stressed about the week… Let’s do something that amps you up for the week while adding to your weekend! Welcome to SUNDAY SCHOOL! If you are a small business, each weekend my goal is to share a tested and proven tip … Continue reading Welcome to SUNDAY SCHOOL!

How A Business Plan Consultant Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Small businesses need access to the right assistance, information, and knowledge, in order to maximize their productivity and efficiency. A business plan consultant can help small businesses prosper even during a weak economic climate. This post focuses on illustrating why hiring consultants is often a necessary tool for taking your small businesses to the next … Continue reading How A Business Plan Consultant Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Beware! These Personal Habits Can Ruin Your Business

Many people act in a way that their personal and professional are not connected. But the reality is different. Personal life does affect our behavior and performance at business and vice-versa. Here is a blog that will make you aware of some personal attributes and habits that can affect your business adversely.