Business Consulting!

Our Virtuoso consulting process transforms concepts into sustainable businesses!

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Plans, Credit & Capital!

Our comprehensive planning and capital process helps all small businesses succeed.

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Marketing Services!

Our unique marketing campaigns are designed to increases revenue!

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Welcome to Biz Virtuoso for Small Businesses
Business Consulting | Branding Experts | Marketing Strategy & Execution for Small Businesses!

Biz Virtuoso is a boutique business consulting firm focused on helping small business owners start and grow their companies! We are committed to empowering and training entrepreneurs on how to stand out and become an expert in their industries. Since 2006 Biz Virtuoso has utilized its proven Virtuoso Model consulting process to help hundreds of organizations. The program focus includes but is not limited to:

  • •    Identifying key obstacles standing in the way of growth
  • •    Developing effective business and marketing plans plans to raise capital for marketing
  • •    Implementing the best business strategies, technology and staffing solutions to run more effectively
  • •    Branding the company to stand out in their industry while launching unique marketing initiatives
  • •    Establishing automation processes to grow sustainable businesses for the long term

As a result, we teach our clients how to reach higher levels of productivity and profitability in a relatively short period of time. The model fuses the components critical for business strategy, operations, financial planning, branding and marketing steps that encourages sustained growth. Our team of MBA, JD and Masters level consultants have extensive experience in running successful businesses.  We consider each client’s unique goals and objectives to design a customized consulting and execution program. Most of all, we guide clients through the development and train internal team members on ways to continue the process. 

The RESULTS: We help our clients truly transform their businesses, increase profits and raise the capital necessary for a sustainable future. 

Call us at 212-374-1425 today and learn more about becoming a “Virtuoso.” Whether you are just launching a new company or your business has hit a wall, Biz Virtuoso can assist you in taking your business to new levels of success.

So lets begin your journey today! Click here to learn more